Think it is too expensive to have a professional videographer visit your business and do on-site filming? With our network of local videographers throughout North America, it has never been easier or more affordable.

BizClip’s amazingly affordable custom videos offer you on-site filming and video production services no matter where you are, with no extra travel charges! Our videographer can capture so many different aspects of your business which include:

  • you on camera talking about your business
  • a customer testimonial
  • a demonstration of your product
  • your employees on a job site
  • or all of the above and more!

Using the footage taken on-site, BizClip will create a dynamic HD video by adding music, text and a voiceover.

You also have the option to build a video bundle and create a series of videos from one filming session. This would allow you to have a variety of content at your disposal, while saving time and money. (Examples include seasonal or holiday videos, special occasion videos, special promotion videos and more).

The digital copy of your video is provided upon completion and is yours to keep and utilize as a marketing tool.

Embed it on your website. Share it through your Social Media Pages. Use it at trade shows. Display it in your stores. Email it to customers.

Take advantage of the endless opportunities that video can bring to your business!